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🔗 iyaja/llama-fs: A self-organizing file system with llama 3

LlamaFS is a self-organizing file manager. It automatically renames and organizes your files based on their contents and well-known conventions (e.g., time). It supports many kinds of file, and even images (through Moondream) and audio (through Whisper).

LlamaFS runs in two "modes" - as a batch job (batch mode), and an interactive daemon (watch mode).

In batch mode, you can send a directory to LlamaFS, and it will return a suggested file structure and organize your files.

In watch mode, LlamaFS starts a daemon that watches your directory. It intercepts all filesystem operations, updates and uses your most recent edits in context to proactively learn and how, so you don't learns predict how you rename file. e.g. if you create a folder for 2023 tax documents, and start moving 1-3 file in it, LlamaFS will automatically creates, and move the right!

Uhh... Sending all my personal files to an API provider?! No thank you!

It also has a toggle for "incognito mode", allowing you route every request through Ollama instead of Groq. Since they use the same Llama 3 model, the perform identically.

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